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person using phone and laptop computer
person using phone and laptop computer

Preninvest provides individuals with a user-friendly platform to manage their investments, allowing them to track market trends, and diversify their portfolios. With a wide range of investment options and various tools and resources, these apps cater to both experienced investors and beginners looking to enter the world of investing. This allows users to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential. By offering a seamless and convenient investment experience, Preninvest is revolutionizing the way people invest and helping them achieve their financial goals.


AI based Financial Website

Advanced AI analysis for your portfolio.


In-house tools available

All of our consulting packages come with our in-house tools.


Consultations made

Last year, our team was able to help over 100 clients.


Customer Analytics AI Tool

Odin is an AI-powered product designed to provide advanced customer analytics and strategic solutions. It aims to maximize the lifetime value of existing customers, strategically guide the acquisition of new ones, and translate customer data into actionable insights for product mix, pricing, and availability decisions. By understanding customer behavior, predicting trends, and providing insights into customer preferences and buying habits, Odin enables businesses to tailor their offerings, optimize marketing efforts, and make informed decisions, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction, business efficiency, and profitability.



All of our data engineers are Boston University graduates.


Systems engineered

We've worked with clients from all walks of life, from tech to agriculture.


Ongoing projects

We keep in touch with our clients and offer ongoing support.


Audio Analytics

Effective data analysis helps businesses of all sizes to save money, see the bigger market trends and streamline internal processes. Our team helps you identify the data streams you should be tracking and following, and sets up processes and visualization tools to help you make sense of the data. From one-off consultation to ongoing partnerships, our data analysts are available on short notice to help you steer your business to the right direction.



Our in-house data analysts have a hands-on approach to data.


Companies analyzed

Last year, we were able to help nearly 50 companies.


Dollars saved in a day

Our consultants were able to save our client $130k in a day.

Data Visualization

You've got the data, but struggle in visualizing the market changes and consumer behavior? We've got your back. Our in-house team of UI/UX designers ensure that all data, no matter how complex, can be displayed through visualization tools in ways that actually make sense to shareholders at a glance.


UI/UX designers

Our designers have an extensive background in data analysis.


Visualizations made

From presentations to marketing materials and beyond.


Ongoing projects

Data changes, but our team stands by your side when you need us.

woman wearing grey shirt
woman wearing grey shirt

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